Person by Sea - Healing

Reborn as a New Person

Hello. I am here to share my experience. I am a teenager and is currently having a mission of saving more lives and introducing God’s names to the lost.

When I was small, I was very close to God. I go to church and I definitely loved it. But as time goes on, I grew distant. I hate going to church and always thought that it was such a waste of time. My life started going downhill at that point. I did not have good academics no matter how hard I try, I faced friendship troubles, I got hypothyroid ,my personality became rebellious and bad. I was broken for sure.

But, as I turn 15 this year, my sister told me about how God guided her. And I started realizing and how some people were saved and healed in His name. I was amazed and I wanted to experience healing. Up till one day, my pastor said that the key was to go inside the presence of God, and to trust and believe.

God seems to hear my pleading and one day, my mom and I went to the holyland. I experienced LOTS OF AMAZING things there. One of the most amazing was when I went to sea of Galilee . We were riding on a boat and right there and then, I felt a beautiful calming presence. And I knew instantly, it was God’s. It was too beautiful that I can’t even express it in words. Starting from that day, I decided I want to change. I want to be closer to God.

I got baptized, and I started reading the bible. I listen to sermons, I go to church and now, my life was renewed. I am doing excellent in my academics, my sickness was now almost fully cured. And I BELIEVE it is all thanks to his mighty power. So, praise Jesus, for all his kindness and loyalty towards me. Thank him for all the patience has have given us and BELIEVE in miracles for it will happen once you put your trust in him.

I was reluctant to share the testimony at first, but I hope it will save and encourage more teens to build a strong and intimate relationship to God. May God bless you. Thank you

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