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HSV-2 Free!

I have a greater understanding of faith. I know God is not a liar. He can’t lie. I may sound crazy to those that don’t know about this or are even familiar faith. Hebrews 11:1 is my favorite verse in the Bible and should be followed more often.

I do want to emphasize that my experience is personal to me and what I’ve gone through has created a path for endless possibilities. It wasn’t an easy one to start with. I struggled to understand what it meant to hear his voice and still do. I blamed him and cursed at him for allowing this when in reality all he wanted was to heal me and didn’t want that at all.

I believe God speaks to us multiple times and it’s very calm and it may even sound like yourself in your head. The way I’ve separated thoughts to help better filter out if I think it may be from God is by starting off to determine if the thought is positive or negative. I kept hearing a voice multiple times to fast for 7 days. I kept hearing it over and over again probably within a course of 2-3 weeks until it seemed to linger more in my thoughts.

I was battling with suicidal thoughts after I had found out I tested positive for HSV-2. I just kept thinking to myself what I thought of people with this disease looked like to me and how people would look at me. The world created a perception so negative I felt like I didn’t deserve a life any longer because of those connotations. I would even hear my own family make negative comments on stuff like that, so I didn’t even open up to them about it. I thought about negative things like no one would want me anymore and it would be over for any chance of marriage etc. (all devil thoughts). I didn’t want to accept that as my reality.

As I am writing this, I’m realizing that my healing started with not accepting it. It may seem like something so small and not impactful but sometimes you just have to say no and start there. It took about a year before my healing manifested. I don’t want to create a path for anyone to follow but go in the direction God wants you to go.

In the waiting period I became very desperate and did tons of research on more spiritual understanding on what it meant to be delivered. I was very grateful to have REST ministries perform my deliverance. It was probably one of the scariest things I’ve done and I’m a very scary person lol but again I was desperate so I sought out any and all that could help. I built up my faith by listening to sermons from Joseph Prince, Bill Johnson, and Mike Todd where they mainly spoke about faith and healing and read books on healing testimonies and how God empowers us and wants this. I refused to accept anything less than being healed.

It was challenging but even sharing it with a friend that I thought had more faith than me, I realized they had an accepting demeanor about this, and I spoke to them less about my journey. I think we need to be careful with the company we keep when we’re expecting the supernatural to take over. Any negativity thoughts can derail/delay us from God’s intended goal.

I eventually decided to do that fast. I didn’t make it 7 days and was only able to fast for 6 days. It was tough but I got through what I could. Fast forward I am doing my annual exam and Gynecologist told me if I got retested it would show the same results if my sexual activity hadn’t changed. It wasn’t great hearing those words and I was nervous and scared when she said that.

I was not feeling confident about everything because I know what it did to me when I found out the first time. I had heard many stories of people having a feeling or being overly confident that their health was good prior to a doctor’s exam in all the healing stories I had heard but my experience was the complete opposite. God knows us better than we could ever know ourselves and it amazes til this day.

Fast forward a few days later the report said I was HSV-2 free! The happy tears shed still happen when I think about it. I want to be more vocal on my experience because those that had testimonies on this in particular helped save me from the hole I was in. It’s still a level of shame that I feel that I want to overcome and starting with this testimony I will have triumph over it. I struggled with so many things within that waiting period that I want tell people.

There is no amount of good deeds, perfectionism like behavior, kindness, caring etc that you could do to get your healing. I accepted that I am sinner and God sent his only son to die for me and all my sins. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to make better decisions. I sinned before this journey, during, and after. I know I will never be perfect, and God knows that too. But don’t take this as a pass to sin anyways. Your choices lead to consequences so let’s make better decisions a day at a time. I really pray this reaches the intended person/people.


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