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The Lord Jesus Christ Healed Me

I used to be sick from a young age, I’d say probably as early as 2 years old. I visited so many hospitals and they couldn’t find what was wrong with me. I was in and out of hospitals, school as well (which is another testimony loading).

By the mercy of God, I managed to get through school. In 2016 (at age 20) I got accepted to the university. Whenever school was about to open, I’d get really sick. So, on the first month of university, I stayed home. I got tired of being sick. I asked God to take it away (I remembered the encounter I had when I was younger; a pastor prayed for me, and I got better instantly) and He did.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed me and I’m now 27. From 2016 till date, I’ve never been sick. I asked and received. By His stripes I have been made whole. All things are possible to those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a summary one of my testimonies to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. B


  1. Sunday Akodu 12/17/2023
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