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Healed of IBD

Around the age of 10 I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. I took medication on a daily basis and was in constant pain. My weakened immune system made me susceptible to a host of other diseases.

I tried to live a normal life despite the pain but took many trips to the hospital. When I became high school aged, I stopped taking the medications for IBD. I still had bowel problems but carried on with my life. When I was about 28 my stomach problems had gotten really bad although it seemed like they were subsiding over the years. The doctor took me in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy.

After the examination I was relieved to know that my bowels were perfect. The IBD was gone. They even took pictures while inside my intestines to show me how perfect they were.

Doctors say that IBD is incurable, but I was cured. I honestly don’t know when God cured me. I didn’t find out I had been cured until I had the procedures done. I think God allowed me to have the pain flare up so I could have the colonoscopy and endoscopy done to see that I don’t have IBD anymore.

I never asked for him to heal me. I didn’t imagine it’d be possible, but he did heal me. Thank you, Jesus.


  1. Sean 12/15/2023
  2. Comfort 12/15/2023

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