Pastor praying for parishioner for healing.

Healed of Ulcerative Colitis

When I was in my mid-twenties, during the early nineties, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). It is a chronic disease where the cells in the colon attack each other and cause bleeding with the risk of developing cancer. It was diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist, Dr Geoffrey B Lee, following various tests including a colonoscopy.

There was no cure, even today, but medication was used to control symptoms from flare ups from time to time. I probably had about 5-7 flare ups per year and prayed, believed and visited some of the best doctors. I was using Salazopyrin the time to manage the symptoms to some degree. My condition prevented my wife and I from having a baby and had to revert to Artificial Insemination (which was successful).

One day our pastor invited people again who needed prayer to step out to receive prayer. At that time, I’d been prayed for so many times, without healing, that I became hesitant. However, the pastor, knowing my situation (in the small congregation) and specifically called on me to also step forward. Again, I believed for healing and after the service the pastor mentioned to me that he really believed that something happened that morning. I didn’t feel much different, but also believed for a miracle.

I didn’t experience any symptoms at the time, however, months later I realised that I hadn’t had a flare up in a number of months. I stopped using the Salazopyrin. Gradually I realised the miracle of my healing by not experiencing any symptoms. I’ve had several colonoscopies since then and in the past 30 years. I’ve had no symptoms and no signs of Ulcerative Colitis through the colonoscopies by various doctors.

Soon after I stopped the medication, we fell naturally pregnant and gave birth to our second child. Although there wasn’t a specific moment of seeing evidence of a miracle, I realised it over time and obviously had some quiet doubt from time to time that it may return, but over time I realised that a miracle has indeed taken place. Medically spoken there is no cure for UC. I praise God for his healing power that I could experience in my life and pray that my testimony helps somebody to keep faith, even though the answer to prayer doesn’t come immediately.


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