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God Gave Me the Best Grades for Exams

I accepted Jesus in my heart in May 2019, and I was learning about Him slowly but progressively. I knew the God I came to be the God of restoration but I didn’t quite know how to go about; over the years my grades were only getting worse. From being a student who tops, I was failing subjects, and I couldn’t concentrate even when I tried to study.

When I came to God I knew my life would change for only the better, sure, I got judged for the 180 degree turn I made in my life by my family, my friends and even lost most of them but as the bible says in Matthew 6:19-20,

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven”

and at the time, being popular and having a good reputation and social life was most important to me or seemed important to me but God knew better and I could see Him weeding out people who had a bad influence on me. I could see God working.

But my grades were the same, I failed Economics through all 4 exams, failed English, and Commerce and Business studies were always in 50s. I couldn’t bring myself to study and even when I did just the day before the exam I could hardly concentrate.

My 12th finals were coming up and I was so worried because those grades were gonna stay with me for a while. I needed them to get into 2/3 colleges in the course of around 10 years in the future (I wanna do law and several other courses). My classmates and almost everyone in the country study for them seriously throughout the year and hardcore in the 2/3 months prior to those exams and here I was, I hadn’t even started.

In the first week of February (about a week or 2 before finals) I prayed to God. I said,

“God, you’re the God who parted the Red Sea, NOTHING is impossible for you.”

I prayed for what seemed to be impossible. I asked the God of Revelations to reveal questions to me, and everyday I would declare and tell myself,

“The God who parted the Red Sea is my God, God only gives me the best, His power has no end.”

And this was very important because Proverbs says

“Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”

We have to ask God if it is His will and declare that it will happen through God.

2 days before my English Literature exam, my neighbour comes home and tells me her teacher sent the 12th grade batch of that school (the teacher knew someone on the council board of those who set the paper apparently), the chapters that were going to come and knowing I could lean on God, I took all risk and only studied those chapters 2 days before the exam and funny enough, those EXACT chapters came.

My English Language exam didn’t go great and that made me worry because the English marks are combined.

For Economics I was entering the exam hall and this question popped up in my head about 2 minutes before we had to start, I quickly asked the guy next to me and it came for 6 marks.

In commerce, there was not enough time to study, and I had to skip the biggest chapter in the book which comes for a good 20 marks every year. This time, there was not 1 mark that came from that chapter.

My Business Studies paper was cancelled because of the lockdown, and it was going to be the average of our best 2 grades.

I got my results the day before and English-85, Economics-88, Commerce-98, Business Studies-96 and my average of the best 2 wasn’t even 96, it was lesser.

God gave me a 91.7% overall and I came 8th highest.

God was there through it all and nothing was a coincidence, He proved yet again to be the God of situations humanly impossible, the God of Miracles, the God of Revival, the God of Revelations and the God of Restoration. 

God turns everything in your favour when you pray and believe.

All glory to God !!<3


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