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Jerry Savelle Testimonies

These represent some of the most interesting, amazing and best testimonies of God’s love, grace and power from preacher, Jerry Savelle of Jerry Savelle Ministries.

“If you’ll go tonight and you don’t like this preacher, then I’ll never ask you to go again.”

Jerry Savelle became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1969 after accepting this challenge from his wife to go listen to visiting preacher, Kenneth Copeland speak at a local church. Jerry often testifies of how he’s experienced answer to prayer and miracles in his walk with God. These are some favorites among Jerry Savelle testimonies.

Two Tires from Heaven

Jerry talks about a time during the early days of his Christian ministry when God made supernatural provision. He had little money and drove to meetings in a once “luxury” but now dilapidated Oldsmobile. The car needed tires among other repairs. He and his family were driving down Interstate 35 to a meeting in Oklahoma City.

They stopped to grab a bite to eat and when getting back on the highway, Jerry noticed a Firestone tire truck loaded with brand new tires passing by them. As they went, they noticed two tires rolling down the road. Apparently, the tires had fallen from the Firestone truck. They stopped and retrieved the tires. When they reached town, Jerry called every dealer but none reported losing any tires. He was told by one,

“As far as I’m concerned, they are your tires.”

When he opened the trunk and looked at the tires, he realized they were an exact fit to replace the worn tires on the Oldsmobile. He drove to Firestone and had the tires put on.

Jerry Savelle’s Angel Testimony

This one feels a bit like a Twilight Zone episode. Jerry describes the Savelle family returning from to Fort Worth from a visiting relatives in Oklahoma City, this time with a newer car. As they were driving home, he heard a loud noise. Apparently the care had hit something in the road. Jerry noticed the gas gauge – the car was lossing all it’s gas. The tank had been punctured.

The Savelle family found themselves stuck “in the middle of nowhere” at 2 am in the morning. There were no cars coming or going.

“We said, ‘God, we gotta have help. Send us some help.'”

They sat and waited quite a while and along came a man in a pickup truck who pulled in behind their car. Jerry explained what had happened and asked for help. The man’s exact words were:

“That’s what I’m here for.”

The man produced a chain and towed their car to a service station near a little cafe that looked like it had been built in the 1940’s. He pulled out some keys from his pocket, opened the service station door, then the garage. Jerry and the man pushed the car into the garage where the man removed the tank and repaired it, then filled the car with gas. The man wouldn’t take any payment for his services but kept saying:

“That’s what I’m here for.”

Some months later Jerry Savelle was in the area and stopped at the gas station intending to thank the man again. But the station was closed. So, he went into the cafe and asked someone if they knew the man that owns the station. Disputing Jerry’s story, the man said that the station was closed, the power turned off and the pumps dry for a long time. Jerry left perplexed, saying to the Lord that he was sure this was the same place. But God reminded him,

“Didn’t I tell you that there might be times that you would entertain angels?”

Jerry Savelle’s Daughter’s Healing

Jerry describes how during one of Kenneth Copeland’s preaching services, a nursery attendant came running in shouting for Jerry.  His 13-month-old daughter Terri’s fingers had been cut off by a someone rocking backward in a rocking chair in the nursery. The child was screaming. Blood was spattered on the woman’s dress.

The nursery attendant gave Jerry the fingertips which had been cut off.

Jerry started praying in the Spirit and decided to believe God for complete healing and restoration of Terri’s fingers. They went to the doctor and called in a top surgeon who said they couldn’t do anything for Terri. The doctor threw the fingers in the trash, which irked Jerry. All the doctor could offer was to take a piece of skin from her hip and do a skin graft, which he did. Jerry declared,

“My God will restore my baby’s fingers.”

Six weeks passed. Jerry and his wife didn’t listen to television, read newspapers or even let anyone in their home who would speak unbelief. They did nothing but speak the word over the child.

When the doctor cut off the bandages from Terri’s fingers, he screamed,

“This is impossible!”

The fingers were normal, nails back, and you couldn’t even tell they had been cut off.

That night, the doctor shared this testimony with his wife, and she became a born again Christian. The doctor later became a Christian. All because over a miracle and because Jerry and his wife didn’t get off the path, but stood in faith.


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