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Passing a Really Tough Exam

Hi. I had a big worry on my mind. I am a university student, due to graduate in June this year (2014).

However, there was this really… really… REALLY tough exam that I had done last December, that made me wonder whether I would pass it and graduate, or not. It was a retake, meaning that I could not do the exam again, unless I sat for the classes again, and unfortunately for me, the unit was not on offer in the next semester. All eyes were/are on me to graduate as scheduled… From my grandparents, relatives and friends.

Having done this tough exam, a lot of doubt filled my mind, and I panicked every time someone would tell me that they are looking forward to my graduation in June. How would they react when I told them that I failed? I panicked! I panicked to a point that my right eye was constantly twitching out of the worry.

After reading testimonies here, I decided to change my mind set… To have faith, even where it looked very bleak. I prayed, every single day, because Jesus said that we should be persistent in our requests.

Oh, did i pray! I began having faith, and actually believing that I was going to pass. I imagined jumping up and down when receiving my results, and imagined myself in my graduation gown.

Everyday, my worry reduced and reduced. I wrote down in a notebook the marks I wanted from the exams I had recently done, and left everything to God. My burden was lifted from that day on. I even promised God that I would write a testimony here, and give half of every shilling I received to the church, as thanksgiving for this miracle. Yes, passing this exam would be nothing less than a miracle.

Yesterday, I opened my university profile after hearing that the results were out. I was shaking, anxious and very nervous. Guess what? I passed! Not only did I pass, but I got the EXACT marks I wrote down on my notebook… And I’m not even kidding here. The joy was overwhelming!!!

How great is God’s mercy? Through faith and persistence, I got what I prayed for. With Him, nothing can stop me now. His plan for me is great, and I am great because I have Him.


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