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I am Broken… Prayer Needed

Hello there,

I am writing to ask for prayer. I recently was broken up with by the man I spent two years of my life with and planned to marry. this breakup came suddenly and unexpectedly, and I feel completely broken.

I know that the way I was in this relationship was unhealthy. I made this man my everything, my life. without him I sometimes feel as if I will die. I know that I replaced God with this man in so many ways.

Right now, I am struggling to feel God’s presence and to let go of this man because I gave up everything for him, I feel absolutely alone. I feel I have nobody to talk to or pray with or start living my life with.

It’s so hard and I would just appreciate prayers for peace, healing, the ability to let go, and some friendships.

Thank you.


  1. michelle 2/8/2011
  2. gradyhalw 2/9/2011
  3. RG 2/15/2011
  4. allen christensen 2/16/2011
  5. Robyn 2/16/2011
  6. vihar.verma 2/18/2011
  7. becky 2/19/2011
  8. vee 3/3/2011
  9. dove 3/6/2011
  10. Jjoy127 3/21/2011
  11. Bahamian Believer 4/3/2011
  12. C.Roger D. 6/5/2011
  13. Ted 8/2/2011
  14. Ernest Gibson 6/15/2019

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