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God Does The Impossible All The Time!

Hi friends, the story that I am going to tell you is very inspiring and it’s an impossible event that has occurred. If it wasn’t for my lovely god, I wouldn’t be so happy while typing this now. God has worked a miracle in my life, he has always helped me every time whenever I needed him, and also at times when I didn’t even acknowledge his powers!

So it all began before my exams were about to commence. I was preparing for my first paper which was accounts, I was in the second year of my Bachelor of Commerce degree and its was semester 4 exams. I always had a problem with numbers. I was not comfortable studying accounts. I am good in theoretical subjects.

So, while I was preparing for the paper, I couldn’t understand much but anyhow I studied and had hope that it will go well. So, when day arrived to answer my paper. I thought I was ready for it, at least if not getting excellent marks, I would get average marks.

As soon as I started writing my paper, I was utterly confused with the questions I didn’t know what I am writing, I literally felt like crying on the spot, because all the questions were so confusing. At one point, I just wanted to stop writing completely. Because I was so heartbroken, but then something told me to continue writing, and so I did continue to write. I didn’t know the problems that I was solving were correct or not, but I just went with the flow. But I for sure knew that I am answering incorrectly! I was very confident about that.

After I finished my paper, I came home and started crying terribly, because I knew I was going to fail, the paper was so bad. I cried and cried and cried for hours! My mom was affirmative towards be. She said everything will be fine TRUST IN THE LORD ALMIGHTY! Those words helped me to recover myself. I started to think very deeply about all those times in my life where God has helped me immensely! In situations where I was supposed to be hurt, then why can’t he help me now? That’s when I decided friends that I shall not worry from now, and just trust in the Lord.

My faith in Lord had helped to get through all those days before the results would come out. Also it has helped me to study for all the other remaining subjects for my exam. My FAITH IN THE LORD had kept me going. I always came across signs such as, finding words in prayer books like ONLY GOD CAN DO IT, LEAP OF FAITH, and so on. So I knew God was trying to tell me not worry and wait for the miracle to happen.

So finally, today was my results. I was constantly taking God’s name while I was heading to the room, where the marksheets were given to the students. When my turn came, the broad smile that I had on my face when I saw my result! I saw that I had passed in accounts, I didn’t even get passing marks but more than that! Seriously friends it was completely impossible for me to pass, because I knew I written my paper very badly, but nothing was impossible with God! Also scored considerably good marks in other subjects as well!

Thank you so much Jesus! You have always helped me in my life, but yet I continued to be a sinner. Friends I always had this thought in my mind, before my results would come out. Will God help a sinner like me? But then the things in the past that God did for me, made me realise that God will always help me, because I was a sinner my whole life, but yet God kept helping me.

Friends our Lord is very generous and wants the best for his children. He will continue loving you regardless of the kind of person you are! He will keep helping us in hopes of us improving ourselves as humans. Think over it my friends. It’s never too late to change. It might not happen instantly, take your pace but TRY! Make God know that you genuinely want to be a good person and one fine day that day shall arrive for all of us where this world will no longer have sinners if only, they realise the love that God has always had for us!

Thank you so much, friends for reading this post, I hope this helps a lot of people to make their faith even stronger in God! God bless you all abundantly! Peace 🙂


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