Girl praying alone in her bedroom

Trusting God

Last year I was at a point in my life where it just seemed like nothing was going right and I was so stressed and down. One day I had cried all day because it felt like my life was crashing.

Later that night I sat on my bed, and I started talking to God. I said Lord what is it that I’m doing wrong, and why is nothing going right for me? I heard God say it’s because you are not trusting me and putting your burdens in my hands. I had a long talk with God that night and from then on, I know when things aren’t going right, I put them in God’s hands and leave them to him to handle.

God wants us to trust him with our problems. God wants us to know that we need him every second of our lives. God loves us so dearly and He wants nothing but the best for us. Thank you, Jesus!


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