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Working in A Call Center, Trusting God

For many years, I have been working in the call center industry. Yet, my pay is way too small in order to make ends meet. From time to time, I cannot help but hear stories from people who are not that even good with their work, or who are not that honest with their jobs, and yet, they are receiving more salary than I do. This made me jealous, but not in a destructive way.

One time in our new company, I was still a trainee and me and my colleagues realized that there’s bias and favoritism. All the certificate of recognition/appreciation were given to our other colleagues, even though there is no clear basis why they should be receiving some sort of recognition. Our boss also endorsed one of our colleagues that he likes romantically even though that person did not pass.

Aside from that, they also tricked us because they promised to pay us a higher amount of salary for the job. It was way too smaller than expected. I also noticed that the distribution of calls is not fair. I kept getting way too difficult calls, that even tenured agents are having a problem solving with. It’s very hard for me to pass, while my other colleagues are getting a lot of calls that are easy.

Because of the situation at work and the small salary, a number of us quit our jobs. As we were still looking into other companies, I cannot help but pray way too desperately to the LORD JESUS CHRIST. I shared how, up until now I did not trick my calls, how unfair the situation was in my previous companies. I also seek the LORD and spend time with HIM in prayer daily.

Spending time with GOD JESUS daily has been my favorite. I really love HIS presence and as I was waiting for the right company, I got peace that passes understanding. It also changes my perspective. I realize even more how powerful, loving, glorious, and majestic GOD is.

I heard other people say to be careful with “black or red” eyes. However, I always glorify the LORD JESUS and a do not give credit to the so called “black or red or negatively jealous eyes”. I told GOD that everything comes from HIM, and I will not give glory to the demons by giving them credit regarding black/red eyes.

Now, one of my colleagues got hired in a new company and the way is way better than the company we left. So, I prayed to GOD and for some reason, I believed that I am already a part of this company.

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