Person by Sea - Healing

Everything Is Going To Be Okay

I started my journey with Christ in 2012 being baptized in a non denominational church, I grew up in a catholic household knowing Christ but never really put in effort to walk with him before that year. Being a strong follower and associating myself within my church is one of the minor reasons I made it through the tragedies that I went through…. here’s my testimony.

It was an early foggy morning on the day of January 31, 2014 I did my weekly routine of getting ready for school and packing my basketball bag for my game later on. The day went by as any other day and but at the end of the day I realized I forgot part of my uniform so I drove home to get it before my game started, can’t really tell you to much about the game because I don’t really remember to much but I can tell you it was a bad game for me and I left the game full of emotional anger.

When I left the gym I dropped my little brother off at home and did a burn out of my drive way, next thing you know I was waking up in the hospital with a torn ACL, MCL, partially torn PCL, a broken scapula and about 100-200 ant bites on my body. My mom told me I flipped my truck ended up being ejected through the window onto an fire ant bed while having my truck land on top of me. She said a couple minutes after dropping my brother off at home they heard sirens headed in the direction which I had left my house, being a mother she couldn’t help but worry and call my phone just to get sent straight to voicemail so she got in the car and headed that way to see what the reasons for the sirens were, when she got to the scene she had no idea she was about to see her middle child unconscious with his vehicle on top of him.

I was life-flighted to memorial Herman in Houston where I awoke 6 days later. I prayed and prayed thanking the lord for not taking me away for blessing me with all the prayers from my family, friends, school and my town. It was a long journey of physical therapy for me with a lot of ups and what seemed like a lot more downs but through prayer and faith I was able to make a full recovery…my journey doesn’t just end there in Later on in life I got off the journey with Christ and started being a person a would never want to be again in my life, walking down a road I would never want to walk again prayed to better my life so I went and joined the military on the date of March 23rd of 2017 I was diagnosed with an terrifying case of pneumonia in both lungs, I needed up having to be medically evacuated from the base I’m stationed to the nearest hospital. I had a breathing tube down my throat because I couldn’t breath on my own so I was drugged to sleep because the nurses said I kept fighting with the catheter in my private part, my mom flew in to meet me at the hospital I was being checked into I can tell at one point the enemy really had me convinced that I was on the verge of dying I just felt like every breath I was taking was about to be my last, I even told my mom I was convinced I was about to die in which she said “I rebuke what your saying”.

I wouldn’t say I was unconscious but in a deep sleep. While in that deep sleep I was taken to this golden road holding this enormous hand  of the person it belonged to when I tried to see this mans face I couldn’t see nothing only could see up to his elbow the scenery of the place was not like a scenery I have seen before it was beautiful golden lights in the most bluest sky’s I have ever saw. The voice of the man was indescribable and he told me “it’s ok everything is going to be ok I promise” next thing you know I was waking up in the hospital bed with my family along my side.

My grandma is the first person I told about my experience and she relayed my experience with her sister who’s said to be a prophet of the lord and which she told me that her friend Regina who’s also known to be able to talk to the lord in way which most people can’t told her that the lord showed her St. Michael his strongest angel along my side while in that hospital bed. I was astonished when they relayed her vision to me because I have always favorited St. Michael even growing up even being non denominational because of the fact I grew up in a catholic household some things just stay with you.

I thank God all the time for not leaving me even though I put him in the shadows and put materialistic things and people before him. What this is showing me is no matter how many times you get off that path or even if your not on that path he’s always right there walking along side of you holding your hand when you need him even through the times you feel your at the most bottomless part he’s right there he’ll never leave he’s just waiting for you to get up and walk with him I hope my testimony can help someone in need fore the hardships I have been through he’s showed me I have a purpose to fulfill in the life he’s given me what that purpose is I’m not sure but I know he’ll show me when it’s time. God bless the person reading this and God bless the people you interact with I pray you share my testimony in hoping that it’ll help the person your telling. Take care and once again always God Loves You and he will never leave you.