Man and Pregnant Woman

In Need of a Miracle from God and Prayers from all my Fellow Christian Friends

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, yesterday I had some really bad cramping and brown discharge. I went to the ER, they did my HCG levels and they stated it was kind of on the lower side but there was nothing to compare it to.

The ultrasound did not reveal any baby. And, I found out I was RH negative – which is a condition in which your body sees the baby as a foreign object and fights it. I was given a shot called Rhogham which helps to prevent your body from fighting the fetus.

I don’t know if its too late but I am praying to the Lord that this child that was given to me and my husband will be our miracle. I have an appointment tomorrow to repeat the lab work and ultrasound and praying that its positive. It has taken us a long time to get here and pray that we don’t have to start all over.

Please keep us in prayer! Thank you all. God is good and I know that there is nothing he can’t do.


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