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The Faithfulness of a Good Father (Exams)

This year was my most demanding academic year, that would set the course of my future. So you can understand the pressure I was facing.

But the kingdom of God works differently, Before I even wrote a single exam, God gave me a promise in the form of a dream that I would be victorious and the mark I would attain(I didn’t understand the mark thing at that time.) A promise will always comes before a contrary experience or challenge to the word of God spoken over your life.

God’s word will always be proven true no matter what but you don’t get to kick back and relax, this is a co-laboring relationship. That promise will require something from you. In my case it was my right to understanding what’s happening and just completely trusting Him. His promises are invitations that we go with Him on a co-laboring journey where we see His nature as a father revealed to an orphaned planet.

I would fail some of the tests, pass some and towards the end it seemed like I wouldn’t make. This was particularly the last exam, I felt I did terribly in it, during the exam I wanted to just get up in the middle of it and run out, thankfully the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness (Romans 8:26.) and I managed to finish.

But even after the test I could still feel very anxious, thinking how I drop the ball after an entire year. During the year I realized one thing though, you will feel fearful and anxious whenever you take your eyes off the One Who stretched the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth (Isaiah 51:13), this is forgetting that God is much bigger than any problem and circumstance that we could ever face, He is never caught off guard and anxious, He sees it all (Psalm 139.)

After my exam I had a choice to make, do I choose to give in to fear and empower the liar, in so doing lending authority to the father of lies OR do I choose to believe that word God spoke to me in a dream at the beginning of the year. I chose the latter, I didn’t know how it would work out but I knew He is faithful. Anytime thoughts contrary to His promise came, I declared His word over myself, I prophesied the outcome (that I would pass.) I wrote down verses, memorized them, spoke them. Never once did I say any words of doubt or fear (though my mind was being constantly bombarded by the devil), I refused to say anything about it that God wasn’t saying. His promise was a Yes (In Christ) and I gave Him my Amen (let it be)

My results came and not only did I pass but my average was the mark that I dreamed about! How incredible is that? He knew the outcome of it all before it even begun! Victory is ours through our victorious Savior Jesus, in Him we will always be triumphant. It wasn’t like I was contending to pass my degree; I had already passed before I wrote a single exam. It was my responsibility to carry that victory into the battle and declare the goodness of God.

I don’t know what you’re facing or how big the mountain in front you is but God is infinitely bigger, say Yes to His promises over your life and watch them come to pass. He is no respecter of persons, if He could do it for me He can do it for you too! God bless you!!

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