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I Need God to Heal me from Herpes

Hello, my name is Tessy. This is my story, I and my partner have been dating for two years before I relocated to America, and when I moved, we started having conflicts. He started to abuse me verbally. Well, I foolishly made the mistake of dating someone else without breaking it off with him, and I honestly told him. He did everything to get me out of that relationship. and I did. Shortly after I thought maybe we would both change and move on, but he continued abusing me and I started dating another person.

Yes, I know I was wrong.

Well, this May I went to England to see him, and we had sex. The first time I came, and few times after that, he told me he was feeling funny. and we went to the hospital and got tested. It was chlamydia and we both got treated. but then after I went to church, and I listened to a sermon that changed my life for good. And I told my boyfriend that I wanted to serve God, I don’t want to have sex with him or any other man. I gave my life to God, and I never had sex with him, and we stayed in the same house for two months. He got mad sometimes, and he would hit me, slap me, or even do worse things to me. When my holiday was over, on my way to catch my flight, he apologized for all he did and proposed to me. But I turned it down, telling him we need more time.

Well after I got back to the states, we both decided to go and retest to make sure everything was fine. And we both did, his result came out negative, and my result was positive for herpes HSV 1. I was shocked, because I never had anything to do with another man apart from him.

Well, I did not tell him my result was positive because I still didn’t want to accept it. Well, it was two days ago that I got my result and me and him broke up just yesterday, because I figured he doesn’t love me anymore and he constantly abuses me. So, I decided to move on.

So today I started to Google “can God heal me” and I saw this site. I believe in God’s work. But I wonder why it is now that I decided to follow Jesus that this disease came along. I know and trust that God will heal me.

Please I want you guys to help pray for me. I will go into fasting and prayers and ask him to forgive me for all my wrong deeds. Thank you all for reading.


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