I Saw an Angel!

My daughter was almost 4 years old in 1994 when she had seizures. The first time she had one, which lasted 1 minute I couldn’t believe. We took her to the hospital and after seeing a neurologist, ran all the tests CT, EEg etc. He said that she would continue to have these seizures and put her on phenobarbital. We went home so sad and in disbelief. We couldn’t believe our little angel was going to have to be in such a strong medicine.

So my husband and I decided to get her off on our own after 3 days on that horrible medication. I never for once forgot that God was present and he would take care of her. By the end of the week on a Sunday, she had another one and this time even stronger.

I then, became desperate. Put my knees on the floor and prayed for a miracle. Called my aunt in Brazil, and asked her to please pray for my little one (my aunt is very Christian). That same night she said her and many of the church members were going to call for a prayer session for my baby girl. I finally went to sleep since my daughter was sleeping beside my husband in her little bed in our room. We had moved her bed to ours to be watching her closely.

I woke up with a very bright light in my eyes, even thought that my husband had put the light on. Then, I looked to my left where my husband and daughter were and saw a tall and bright figure just beside my daughter. His face was like glass with rose cheeks. I felt something in my heart never experienced before. I felt his love so deep in to my heart. He looked at me like I startled him and then I felt asleep and woke up the next morning thinking it was a dream. But I know for sure it was not a dream, he really came to see my daughter and deliver his mercy and to cure her.

My daughter never had another seizure again. I just wanted to share this because there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe in God and his angels and can begin to have faith. And it’s got to truly come from your heart and not just from words. My daughter is a healthy 18 years old now.