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God’s Amazing Works! Part 2 of Pietergabriel’s Testimony

This is the 2nd testimony in continuation of my first on 29 January 2013. (Testimony of Pietergabriel) In order to understand it better, please take time and read the first testimony.

In all of what I have written, what I’m writing and still want to write, may all the glory be unto God the Father,God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit – all as ONE! Bear with me, a s I tend to write “long” testimonies but , for those who take the time – I believe you will be awarded as to see, how BIG our God, Jesus Christ is! These events maybe too big to “swallow” but, believe me, If I didn’t experience it myself, I think I would also have a question mark! As I experienced that God said to me “sow boldly”, I’ll do just that! May the Word of God be your guide and may the Holy Spirit reveal the truth and only the truth to you! God Almighty knows, I, who am nothing in myself, only want to serve Him. May God guide me through His Spirit so that, whatever I write, will be within the truth and be unto His glory alone! May Eph2 :8-9 be true for me!

On 23 June 2011, I experienced a vision, which was followed by other visions, a dream and a miracle in healing – glory to God! After the first vision, in which I saw 8 pictures/symbols which scrolled down in small frames, I started to see more “things” during my prayers. That very same evening of my first vision, I prayed for “Johan”who believed there is a God, but didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. While praying for him, I saw the white paw of a bear, a windmill, high mountains in a dessert, with snow on top, images of Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Egyptian god Tuthankamun as in a golden mould. I “knew” Johan for only 3 days and we only had short conversations in that time. Little I know then that God was at work in an amazing mind-boggling way in our relationship!

The next morning, I told Johan that, while I was praying for him, I saw some “things. Already it was not the ‘same’ Johan who told me 4 days ago :”…now we know where we stand with each other!” He was there when I experienced my first vision. He saw my first drawings of what I have seen in my first vision. It was him, who curiously went to his room (directly after my vision) to fetch a book that describes Christian and Satanic symbols. He was placed there for me and I for Him, by the grace of God! God opened a door for me so that I can freely speak to Johan ! To Johan , the spiritual realm was nothing strange but… not on the right side! He was busy with false gods and he didn’t believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour! The experience I had, and him being part of the situation, really caught his attention. When I started to tell him, about what I’ve seen while praying for him, he stopped me and said we must go to his room. There was some urgency in his reaction. When we entered his room, he let me sit on the bed, while he took a chair and sit next to the bed. In his hands, he had a pack of cards which I’ve never seen before (tarot cards). When he opened the pack he said: “Don’t touch this”. and: “These cards are always right”. I realized that this was something “sacred” to him and that these cards are defintely not from God, Jesus Christ our Lord. These cards are nothing else, but to ask for demonic manifestations in future telling. Johan then, started to shuffle the cards and ask me to “pray” with him. I closed my eyes and to my relief he was praying softly and I couldn’t hear him . I know that ,what was going on,was not from God. I immediately started to pray to Jesus Christ our Heavenly Father – in short, my prayer was something like:”Heavenly Father, I don’t know what Johan is doing, but I know it is against what you teach us. Please father, I pray in the Name of Jesus that you will use his own weapons against him and show him that you are the Holy Lord and the Son of God.”

After Johan prayed, he put the cards on the bed and open them one by one as I explained what I saw in my prayer for him. Again, I have drawn some pictures of what I have seen, and while explaining it to him, I show him every drawing. When I show him a drawing of what I have seen,he will look at the cards, and “explain” to me, the meanings of that.When we were basically through, I show him the last picture of the Egyptian god – Tuthankamun. Then the strangest thing happened. It looked as if Johan recieved an electric shock with a high voltage proctor! I immediately praise God and thought…God has done something powerful! The next moment Johan’s face become red, he looked down and tears started to flow. I didn’t say anything!

The part I’m adding now, is actually way to early, but it will help in understanding some of Johan’s reactions. Some of this information, I got early after the event but some other, I got only months after that day! Johan had a vision a long time ago, in which he had a bookscroll in his hand. What was in the bookscroll he didn’t know himself, but he believed (for a long time) that he must go to Siberia – the part where the dessert landscape and the High Mountains with snow meet each other. My “revelation” while I was praying, had some of that idea in it. BUT…. what I did not know then, was that Johan, had a belt and shoes with Egyptian hieroglyphs and the eye of Osiris (one of their gods) on his shoes. Suddenly, these things were put in the light by Jesus Christ and some of Johan’s secrets laid open! If you don’t think God is at work, read what happened next!

The very next morning, Johan told me , that he had a dream the previous night and would like to share it with me! He was quite sincere and emotional when he told me. He said, he dreamed, that a “white pillar” was standing in front of him, and, he experienced the presence of God, and behind him there was another pillar. This pillar however, was grey and started to crack down. He then said these words, with tears in his eyes, that showed me how faithfull our Lord Jesus Christ is!!! Johan’s words were:” Jesus Christ is becoming a reality for me…, I’m still not there but I’m on my way!” In my heart, I just prayed to God, praising Him for His amazing works, so far above what we understand.

It is Godly ways, which we as humans, can’t even imagine at all! I said to him, believe me Johan, you are going to accept Jesus as your Saviour! And now, to share in the joy of a lost brother who came back. On the 4th of July I went to the hospital for pain treatment and Johan himself, left the clinic. We kept each other’s telephone numbers and after a few moths I received a call from a delighted Johan. He said:

“I gave my heart to Jesus, I got rid of those cards, and my belt and shoes with the Egyptian images on them!”

He was addicted to drugs, suffered sometimes when Satan attacked him, but… during that period, God sent another child of Him to guide and help Johan.

I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ for everybody out there, being deceived by the prince of this world (prince of darkness) namely Satan. I pray that God will protect His children and give them support and power to stand against the strongholds of drugs and false gods, and every other way, where Satan acts as the father of the lie, he is the false angel of the light! But…we know….there is but ONE God! God the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit! Don’ t fall in the pit of idolatary, it may look harmless or even “magical” but believe …it is all evil! Give your heart to our Father in Heaven, there is none like Him! His Almighty deeds will show you who He realy is!Read the Bible, the true Word of God – get your knowledge there and you will be able to take your stance against the Evil one.

Thank you, Jesus, for your everlasting love, peace and joy – you are the Way, the Truth the Life! Let us shine your true light in this World, because where your light is, no darkness can ever dwell. Child of God, my brothers and sisters, if you are not sure about yourself, ask yourself – are the fruit that I bear fruit for Jesus or is it fruit of the world! You surely know the answer! If you are walking on the wrong side, repent, turn around to Jesus, and sin no more! The Word of God will be the lamp for your feet! Praise our Holy Father Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Amen


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