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Thank You All for praying for me for Panic Attacks …I Have another Prayer Request Please

Few months back, I put a prayer request for God to help me from panic attacks and sin. I appreciate it a lot and God’s blessings to all of you who passed by my page, wished me well and prayed for me, even by just saying a word to God for me. Thank You all and I thank God too soooooo much. I have not had any panic attacks for so long. Even when need be, it doesn’t just happen. I am so glad.

But I developed Acid Reflux and its been getting worse and worse in the past months. I am normally very tired for granted and hungry when I get back from school and so I eat a lot and then sleep off after that. I am also a moderate drinker. Acid reflux seemed like something that can be taken for granted, but it’s a really bad thing and extremely frustrating. I can’t sleep at night. I get constant nerve pains, heartburn and migraines and lots of stomach pain and it’s gradually affecting my lungs.

I am tired of taking drugs and it’s just 2 days since I started committing this to GOD… HELP ME OUT PLEASE PEOPLE… ASK GOD AGAIN PLEASE FOR MY SAKE. I AM TIRED ..thank you… thank you.



  1. pietergabriel 9/13/2013
  2. cheeryleesa 9/14/2013
  3. Darren 9/23/2013
  4. Jesussaves 9/30/2013
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