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I Met Jesus

Hi, my name is Bharat. I grew up in the hindu faith family from India. I have been taught to respect everybody as God lives in everyone’s heart. I would like to share my experience which I had about 7 years ago during christmas time. It was my first time leaving and staying away from my family. I was studying in United Kingdom. During Christmas holidays I was working in a Cafe restaurant. It was one fine day and the cafe was very busy. I was working hard as there was not enough staff available on that day. I still remember that I was doing something near counter, a man came to me and was smilng. He was old man with moustache and was holding Bible in one hand. I thought he was having problem with food as he was having his food at near by table. But he came to me and asked me what is your name, I said my name is Bharat than he asked me what is your father’s name, I told him that his name is Bhurabhai. He was having that magestic smile. After the conversation I turned towards counter to get something and turned back to him, he was gone. I could not find him anywhere. I can still remember his face. He was having a divine shine on his face which was making him glow.

I do not know who he was, but sometimes I feel that I met God. He was Jesus. He came to me to say that do not worry, you are not alone I am with you. This gives me a lot of positive energy.

I always wanted to share this experience with someone but was afraid someone will laugh at me. But I believe in him and that is the reason I am sharing my experience with everybody today.


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