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Transformation Story of Suresh Hazra

I am Suresh Hazra, from Purba Bardhaman West Bengal and it is 2 hours from city Kolkata. Before I came to Lord I belonged to a Hindu family. I never knew about Jesus and His kindness. I thought if I learn or hear about Jesus my religion will change and I will become Christian.

Every day I use to travel by local train from Bardhaman to Kolkata. One day on a month of January in this year 2020 before locked down, a man called “Jagobandhu” was sharing about Jesus on the local train. Then he gave me a New Testament, but I did not take it but laid it by side thinking that if I touched it, I would become a Christian.

For past five years I had liver and stomach problems. I couldn’t eat nor sleep well. My life was full of depression I used to drink a lot.

One day I went to my sister’s home and made a decision that after I come back from her home, I would commit suicide and end my life. My sister knew about Jesus and told me about Him, prayed for me, and gave a contact number of a home church leader brother Jayento Hazra next to us. I called him and went to him.

He prayed for me, and my life started to change, now my health is too good, and now I follow to Jesus with all my heart since January 2020. I also obeyed Him by taking a Holy Dip (Water Baptism) and now regularly I have been sharing my own experience with Jesus in my community. During that time I shared and two family members (there are 7 members) accepted Jesus and we together are learning the word of God. And also sharing about Jesus to others among our unreached and unengaged community.

I’m happy to say you that our God has done amazing things in our ministry network on 3rd quarter July to Sep 2020. God is bigger than any hardship and challenges like Pandemic or no pandemic—the Kingdom of God is unstoppable. It is such a joy to share with you that Jesus Christ has done and dreaming of all we hope to do. I want to say thank you for your prayers and support for the work we are doing and pray that you will continue to do so.

Numerical outcomes from July to Sep 2020

  • Persons of Peace: 120
  • New Discovery groups: 115
  • New Believers: 250
  • New House Churches: 85
  • New Baptisms: 105

Please keep us in your prayers specially for my new work as I lose my job during this presence pandemic as I want a start trade business called “Wood suppler” from village to city and I have asked micro-loan / assistance for run the trade from brother Paresh Halder facilitator of TEA network.

All glory to our God

For more information:
Brother Paresh Ch. Halder
Facilitator of TEA


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