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How I Met the True God

Pray to the lord.

I’m an ex Hindu and now I’m a Christian.

My story of faith in Christ started when my life was on the crossroads. I wanted to move ahead in life but was directionless as I had no way to go.

I was born in a low caste family and always faced abusive slur and behaviour from the upper caste Hindus. My family was subjected to immense torture and my father died because he went into a shock after his land property was forcibly and fraudently captured by upper caste people.

After my dad died at the delicate age of 17, I started working as a newspaper vendor, delivery girl and completed my studies. I started working in a multinational company.

But my destiny did not change much as upper caste people in the office mock at me they will call me bhangin and also not eat food or include me anything.

I was in Bangalore and especially a worker from lingayat caste will torture me often. He will exclude me from team meetings, will mock me, won’t let people interact with me. He made my life really tough.

I would beg to him for the mercy and would pray to hindu gods to please help me and save me from this misery. I needed this job for sure to feed my family. However, his behaviour became more abusive and HR being part of his community did not take any action on him.

At the same time, I had an American visitor in the company who once saw me crying and he asked me the reason. I told him every day and he asked me to put faith in Jesus and gave me a bible to read.

I started developing a personal relationship with Jesus and would read bible and especially the beautitudes. I firmly held onto my faith in Jesus and within two months I had my first vision of Jesus Christ surrounded by a soothing light. I felt peace in my heart.

I started focusing on my work and became humble ignoring my boss and his behaviour towards me. I was firm in my faith with Christ.

Three months later my boss was fired from his job for a financial misconduct.

My American friend returned after six months, and we spent time discussing my faith in the Christ. He advised me to start my life in Christ by becoming a member of the church. I joined the Baptist church and took baptism. I severed my relationship with false idols and developed my relationship with the only true God.

I introduced true God to my poor family and my six siblings and mom all converted and got baptised.

We are now a family of faithful Christians.


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