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Atheist’s Journey to Find My True Saviour

I’m Hetanshi Vaid Sharma born Hindu but a complete atheist until I reached 28-year-old. That’s when my journey with reading the Bible started. Since childhood I was a kind of kid who had questions on lot of mythological stories I was being told about my religion. Something inside me never found logic in the answers. Hence, I came to the conclusion with myself that it’s better to read holy books (Scriptures) of Hindu’s, Muslim’s and Christian’s.

The first few lines itself of first 2 books were not so convincing to my logic. I felt something is still missing. Honestly, I lost hopes and thought it’s a waste of time, so I never picked the 3rd book assuming this will dissatisfy me. Until I met someone – a friend who is born Christian and he is atheist with more or less same beliefs I share about scriptures. When I shared my crazy experiment with him, he offered to play along.

So we both started reading The Holy Bible (NIV). When I read Genesis 1:1 that moment itself something inside me said,


As I went on reading, I started getting answers of all questions I’ve always had about God. It’s like it was my destiny to find my true saviour after-all.

I’m thankful to my Lord – my Father for being there in my journey to find you, you kept me from sinning to pagan gods. Thank you Lord, you kept me atheist until I was getting ready for your salvation. I’ve learned 2 things from this beautiful piece of God’s work.

  1. A true atheist can become a strongest believer by wisdom.
  2. Lord works in mysterious ways, trust his ways and play along. Once you reach your destiny you’ll learn that “God is Good All the Time” nothing bad can come from him. Even if situation looks bad it’s always blessings in disguise. Trust Him.


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