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Sunil’s Testimony: Freed from Misery and Unrest in my Heart

My name is Sunil Varma. After I received Lord Jesus as my personal savior and took baptism, I took the name as Simon Peter. I was born and brought up in an aristocratic ancient Royal family in Kerala. In my childhood days I used to worship many gods. During the high school days, I went after the worldly pleasures with my friends, and I didn’t have perfection in my mind. I used to question myself… what was the reason behind my mind and soul’s instability.

For experiencing a change from this condition, I visited many Hindu temples and prayed. I visited ‘Sabarimalai’, ones of the famous Hindu pilgrimages in south India twice, observing 40 days of absence from tasty food and smoking. None of these parties helped to get out of the misery and unrest in my heart. Things went bad to worse.

After my secondary education, I joined college. By that time, I became totally addicted to smoking and went to many wrong ways. I was roaming around looking for the purpose for my existence. I started to think about death and wished to end my life.

Meanwhile I got a job in a company in Coimbatore with the help of my friends. I spent my whole salary for the worldly pleasures; I was in a miserable condition. One of those days while I was reading a Tamil newspaper, I accidentally found the heading of GOOD SHEPHERD BIBLE SEMINARY.

When I came to know that it was bible training centre, I felt attracted to it. However, I had neither seen the book nor had been to any Christian worship. I wrote a letter to the seminary principle. No sooner than I received the reply, he shared the gospel with me. I knew that I am a sinner and I need savior to deliver me.

I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord. I experienced a real peace and happiness in my mind. I had never experienced such peace before. In the same month May 26, 1994, I took baptism. After completing my bible seminary, I desired to do the Lord’s ministry.

When I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, my family members rejected me and kicked me out of the house and gave me a lot of trouble.

On 1997, I got married to Geeji. She was born and brought up a Catholic family, when she accepted Christ as her personal savior, her family rejected her too. Lord granted us with three children.

God bless you.


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