Young Woman Praying Earnestly

From Atheist To Salvation And Healing

Hello, I am Terez from Syria.

I am writing this testimony to tell how God did miracles in my life and my family’s life. He kept us alive and unscratched in 4 years of deadly war zone.

After He took us out, I was in severe depression and most probably mental problems. For 4 years nothing could heal me, even after I got out of the country and was in much better places I couldn’t heal myself.

I was always feeling low, empty, and zero self-esteem. I couldn’t speak with people nor look them at their eyes because of my inner problems.

After being 2 years atheist. One day I decided to give it a shot and pray to God. I came down on my knees and prayed to heal me, and that was the beginning, and each day that was passed some part of me was being healed.

It started with me being able to look to people in their eyes, then speak, then have confidence, then dream, then love, and believe, and every positive thing that can help someone to get out of the dust, and from the dead world to the living world.

Humbling myself in front of God and building a relationship with Him, was and still is the biggest life-changing step of my life.

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