People in Pain

Heartbreak. How Does God Help Me?

I am only 16. about a year ago I met a girl at a cancer benefit. Sooner or later, we were going out. Things were great and I believe she was my first love. But we were together over summer and when school came along I had too much pressure to deal with and she was pushing more serious with me, and I believed I couldn’t take it. I thought I was over her and was wrong. She told me there’s a new guy and I am crushed.

She did say though, after later telling her some of my feelings that in the future she thinks it’s possible we could get back together. And I would really want this. But now she’s all head over heels for this boy and he just asked her to prom. Thing is, she’s a junior and he’s a senior. He’s leaving to college, and she knows that it may not work out.

My pain is so tough and I’m looking for answers in God. Where do I go from here? I am praying for strength as well as a guidance. But I really wanna be with her.

What should I do and how does God help me?