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My 27 Years. “I Don’t Think I Make You Happy.”

I’m having a difficult time lately. I’m 27, will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in May. I graduated high school in 2002, I just feel like I have no motivation to go anywhere in life. I have been on antidepressants since I was 11 or 12.

My biggest problem lately is with relationships. After my 5-year relationship with a great guy ended 5 years ago, I have just had a hard time. I’ve dated people, but it has never worked out, for various reasons. I am now dating a guy who I met at work. He’s 29, has two kids and is divorced. He is a good guy and is good to his kids and me. I never thought I’d be dating a divorced guy with two kids, but I thought I’d give it a try.

My problem is I keep hearing the same thing from every guy I date…

“I don’t think I make you happy.”

I’m naturally kind of moody and depressed at times, and it’s not their job to make me happy…I just feel bad I make them feel that way and wonder, is it because he isn’t the right one for me? Am I missing something else in my life? It has been very important to me to find a man who lives his life for God. I want that bond with someone. Bill believes in God but is reserved about it. I want to pray together, to praise together…

I don’t want to stick with the wrong guy just because it keeps me from being lonely. I just don’t know if I have such an unhappiness with myself and am relying on him to make me happy, or is it that he really isn’t all I need?

Things I don’t like about myself – moody, selfish, unmotivated, emotional.

Things I do like about myself – open minded, my faith, honesty.

Things I like about Bill – caring, genuine, honest, silly.

Things I don’t like about Bill – lack of communication, not romantic, no zest in life – seems to just live day to day working and is content with that.


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