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My Testimony

To Dear Friends,

I was born in a Pentecostal family…a true Pentecostal family…I had a very good childhood…and my parents were great parents who believed in me and taught me to have faith in myself and in god.

But since childhood…. I was a loner…I had many, many friends but I wanted some one…I grew up but the same kind of voidness remained in me… I made a lots of friends but didn’t find peace…I wanted that one perfect person who would be mine.

I had trust in my God for that partner….. I had a picture in my mind…I began to pray for a suitable partner…I was very insecure about the whole idea of marriage. But I prayed hard.

I had prayed that whenever the person comes in my life …I would know…I had prayed that I would not doubt..

Anyways I had forgotten about this prayer of mine. A good proposal came but I don’t know why I was least interested …I had made my mind to refuse ..but my parents had arranged for a meeting with them……
Finally they came…. the boy got out of the car….and within a fraction of a second decided …..he even had the hairstyle that I had prayed! I mean god is so wonderful that he listens to small whispers of prayers.

I would suggest all the young girls to pray for their partners…because girls have two lives …one before marriage and one after. a bad marriage spoils your life…and if its a good marriage life will be the same as before…Just as my life is Now…PRAISE THE LORD