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Your Relative Is in Need of Prayer

I was asked by my wife to pray for a relative who was ill, and in the hospital. I told her I would pray for sure, but why was she in the hospital? She had been told that it was personal. I told her I would, but not knowing what was wrong… I could not pray for very long.

I prayed for her before I went to bed, and then went off to sleep.

About 2AM I was awakened by my two dogs, who needed to go outside. That was very unusual in the middle of the night. I let them out, and I was half asleep.

There was this like message for me in my head. Your relative is in need of prayer, and she tried to kill herself yesterday. That was the first I had heard of that.

Was it true?

Then they were back in, and I went back, and collapsed in bed. Wife looked asleep. Then I dreamed, and there was this older man sitting down, and he told me to get three people of faith and pray for the ill one. First for her recovery from the suicide attempt, and also for the enemy to be cast out of her.

That was it.

In the morning, as wife was getting up, I told her what had happened, and she said that she doubted that it was a suicide attempt, but then she thought a moment, and said it must be something like that. She called daughter that AM, and she admitted that it was a suicide attempt. How did we know? I asked three people to pray for her, and I was one of the three.

She pulled through and she was 100% thankful to God. This was about 2007, I guess. She never tried it again and she loves the Lord! Amen!!!


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