Not All Storms Are Bad

During last Sunday’s sermon at church, themed The Storm Is Over, my pastor, said something I had never paid much attention to. He said, much as any storm is potentially dangerous and causes much fear wherever it blows, God is known to use storms to create miracles too. Using the example in Exodus 14, when the children of Israel came up to the Red Sea and started berating Moses for not leaving them in Egypt to die instead of bringing them to the desert and this seeming ‘dead end’, he demonstrated how not all ‘calmness’ is good and not all storms are bad.

With Pharaoh and the Egyptian army in hot pursuit of the children of Israel who had just walked to their freedom, the Red Sea was the big barrier between the Israelites and their Promised Land. The Red Sea also acted as a closed door or barricade, trapping the Israelites in the desert and at the mercy of their fast-approaching enemy.

But the Bible says in Exodus 14:21, when Moses stretched out his rod, God caused a strong East wind to blow all night, parting the sea and creating dry land for the Israelites to walk across. A wind strong enough to part tons and tons of water and keep that water upright like walls is not a simple storm! Yet it was for the good or the Israelites, even as it later caused destruction to the Egyptians that dared to pursue the Israelites through the way God had miraculously made.

Storms are scary, but it is necessary for us to ride out some of them, because they could be the only way into our destinies. You have heard what we call “a blessing in disguise;” losing a job can be a terrifying storm, until you land even better opportunities. There are many open doors set just beyond tumultuous storms that the Lord will not allow to destroy us, as promised in Isaiah 43. There are destructive storms that require us – just like the disciples in that boat where Jesus Christ was sleeping – to call out on the Lord to calm them, but there are others that require us to pray for the grace to sail through them and see the goodness of the Lord on the other side.

God bless you ALL,
Ivan Ddungu


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