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God’s Not Dead

It was a Tuesday, the 14th of February 2016. Valentine’s Day. Began as a normal day nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Little did I know that this would be among the most significant days in my spiritual life? For a long time, I had prayed and asked God to reveal Himself and His mighty power to me. I had read amazing stories in the bible about how God had manifested His great unlimited abilities to various people. Most of my friends also kept telling me that they had experienced this and that made me desperate. I wanted to experience something for myself, and the day had finally come.

At about 3pm, I received a call from Albert a friend who was moving to a new house and needed help in packing his stuff and just the whole process. A few minutes later Albert got to where I was and we left together to start packing. As we descended the stairs in my apartment, we met Steve who strangely seemed surprised to see us. Not sure what startled him because he had met both Albert and I before so I couldn’t put a finger on what made him react in such a way. Quickly we pushed this thought out of our heads and went our way.

On the way to Albert’s new place, we met Steve again who walked directly towards me and told me that he had come looking for me at my place and hadn’t found me. He was acting very strange. Normally he would just be by himself alone in his room. Steve is a very quiet private guy who would hardly be found with people or even outside his room just sitting by himself. At that time, he was sitting in the view of everyone just outside our apartment. He liked to smoke and that’s what he was doing strangely in front of every person who cared to look.

Oddly he seemed to be running away from something unseen because he would suddenly pace up and down look around as if being watched then sit in the view of everyone not disturbed by the attention he was getting from around. I guess that’s why he had run away from his room.

When I got back to the house, I decided to play classical music since I had about an hour to kill before the evening’s bible study. Quickly went through my favorite artists Savage Garden, Phil Collins, Michael Bolton and the likes selecting a few songs adding them to my playlist. I wasn’t keen enough to notice this song by Bridgit Mendler ‘Ready or Not’ sneak into my playlist and it kept playing in my head. The chorus goes something like:

Ready or not
Here I come
Where you at?
The night is young
in the crowd the music’s loud but I will find you
ready or not

It was almost like a message. Something was trying to get to me through this song. It’s like it was saying that whether I’m ready or not it’s coming, and it will find me. I didn’t realize that then.

During the bible study, we were sharing about how we had been doing on our CBR, continuous bible reading, and I told my friends that for me CBR had begun well till I got to the book of Leviticus and found it a bit boring. So, I skipped it jumping to interesting stories like David’s and the like. I felt challenged like the Lord was trying to tell me that I needed to read the whole bible so that I’m better equipped to handle ‘WHATEVER WAS TO COME’. These warnings kept coming to me, but I guess I wasn’t ready to see them as such.

That night at about midnight Steve started screaming and crying in his room. He kept shouting things like ‘Oh my God. They have found me. They are going to kill me and things like that’. My first thought was not to come out of my room. I was really tired, so I felt like just praying and letting God do the rest, but the shouting didn’t stop. It was so loud I couldn’t sleep. I decided to make a short prayer and went to his room.

Most of my neighbors were up but were too terrified to leave their houses. I felt like it was a spiritual attack and had to do something. I quickly found out that I was the only Christian and that terrified me. I made a prayer to God. The story of Esther from the bible came to me and how she had asked people to pray for her and fast before she faced the king and if she were to perish then she would let it be. So, I told myself the same thing. Told God that I felt terrified and weak and so unequipped for whatever I needed to do but I couldn’t just sit around and watch my friend suffer. Plus, I needed to sleep.

With my terrified little steps, I went to his room and Steve looked terrible. He was sweating and crying and pointing towards a corner of his house crying and saying that they are there to kill him. I looked around but couldn’t see anything. I almost began to think that he had lost his brain when the worst happened. I HEARD A VOICE. It was so clear and came form that corner he kept pointing towards. It was a female voice and it seemed like she was laughing. I couldn’t see anything but heard the voice. That shook me to my core. Whatever little courage and strength I had got just flew out through window.

I lost all strength and went on my knees started crying to God. I told Him begging that if His response was contingent to how much faith I had or how righteous I had lived then we would all perish. Whatever Steve was seeing existed and it was real I just couldn’t see it, but I almost felt its presence in that room. As I kept praying, I began to feel some warmth in my heart. It was like we were surrounded with some protection circle. I couldn’t see it but I felt it. Steve initially kept saying that he was seeing eyes all over but with time all that stopped. God had answered my prayer.

As I got to my house at about 3 am I took a moment to pray to God thanking Him for all that he had done that night. I had seen His hand and felt it. He can come alive to you too if you believe and ask Him to show himself to you. I pray that as you have read this, the Lord reveal Himself to you so that you join the many witnesses of His great and marvelous works. I ll leave my email in case you have questions or an experience you’d like to share or anything. God bless.

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