Boyfriend and Girlfriend in Sunset Holding Hands

He Left for Another Woman. Save His Soul

Lord, I don’t know exactly for sure if he could have been the one. He thought I was or could have been that Proverbs 31 woman to him. It’s possible. But Lord only thing is he’s not saved. He hasn’t received Jesus as his Lord and Savior he says he’s not ready. But God, I want him to get ready! I want him to want more of you.

He left to another woman. I’m not mad but God this young man cannot run from his problems going from relationship to relationship… He needs to hear your voice. I don’t even think the other females are praying for his soul. But I am! And I want him delivered from the devil’s grasp.

He wants you he has said it. He needs you. Draw near unto him. Let him know it’s only you who can change him. Shape him to be the man of God that you called him to really be. Remove toxic people out his life. Replace them toxic people and replace it with Godly people. Don’t make him rest peacefully Lord until he has came to the knowledge of what he needs more… And that’s you.

In Jesus name I declare that he is saved by the grace of God. That he is washed by the blood of Jesus. The he is healed from the pain he’s trying to hide from.

That Lord only you can come to his rescue.

Heal his brokenness. Remove his heart of stone turn it to a heart of flesh.

Remove negative thoughts and replace them with your word. Let him hear your voice. Let him feel your grace. Open his eyes to the TRUTH!!! He’s not happy I know he needs you to fill that void. Not other women. Not weed. Not fake friends. Only YOU Lord. Only you…


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