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What Can God Do and What Will He Do?

Hi! Since my ex broke up with me, I have been struggling with trusting God and knowing His will. And I need help. I can’t find rest and I’m depressed and anxious everyday.

I know my boyfriend was a gift to me from God. There is NO DOUBT. My ex and I had been together for almost 5 years and we loved each other (and maybe still). He broke up with me very suddenly and since then I have managed to become closer to God and His word than ever before. God has showed me why it all went wrong in the end of our relationship.. We didn’t ask for Gods help and He wasn’t our first priority in the end.

I don’t want to tell the whole story, but I’ve had a very hard life, especially the time when I was with my ex. I’ve always had a lot of anxiety everyday and it is really a disorder in my life. And I ‘m even more anxious now since my ex broke up with me.

I have prayed everyday to God to help me get my ex back and prayed for my ex to get closer to God (because right now he isn’t).  I know that my ex is struggling with seeing me and finds it hard to talk to me (otherwise I still can’t figure out if I have a chance or not) and it makes the situation even harder for me. I pray as much as I can and have done it for 5 months no. I love my ex so much, it was a choice I took when I said it to him the for the first time. I don’t want to change that. No matter how hard he makes this situation. I can’t nor do I want to live without him.

It is hard for me to figure out what God really CAN do about this situation? Can God help me get my ex back? Is he capable of it when my ex has his free will? Or is He capable of everything, but just don’t want to do anything? What should I think in this situation?

When you all say that I should just trust God, what does it mean? Should I trust that He will help me get my ex back? Or am I praying for something that will never happen?

When in the Bible it says that we shall believe that we will receive, should I then believe in my prayer about God restoring my relationship? I’m very confused and scared. I’m scared that if I put my trust in God and believe that God will give me and my ex another chance, and it ends up not happening. I’m scared that God will disappoint me. And He disappointing me if I put my  trust in Him and He won’t help reconciling this broken relationship. I don’t want God to give me another guy. I want to fight for my ex. Like Jesus fought for the love of His people. Jesus of all should understand my pain, and could help me getting my love back.

I’m afraid of Gods will. I am so very afraid that He will give me another guy. I have to get my ex back. I don’t want anyone else. I often feel that God ignores me. That He’s just looking at me crying my heart out. Listening, but not answering me. I want an answer from Him so badly. I want to know what His will is. Still I’m scared.

I know the relationship was from God, and then why wouldn’t He help me reconcile it? God can do all things, why not help me in this? telling me what to do? Or something? I’m hurting so badly everyday and fighting to keep myself up.

Please help me, and please pray for me and the relationship to reconcile.

Sincerely, Hanna


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