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Comforter: I Could Feel the Lord’s Arms Around Me

I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and mercies unto me. I would like to testify here of the Lord’s great compassion and love for me through an event that happened last night. My boyfriend and I had a serious argument that ended up in a fight and he hung the phone on me and email me saying that he regrets having met me and loved me.

We have been in a loving relationship for 5 years and to hear this from him all of a sudden was a terrible disaster. I was broken, shattered, and hopeless. All the years of tears, love, efforts, and sacrifice was thrown by him into the trash bin. He accused me of a lot of things that were not true. I thought this was the end of everything for me. I wept and wept and wept and spent a sleepless night. My head was aching, my eyes swollen, and I was too tired to even walk. I needed rest. I knew who to run to. It was the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tears poured out as I whispered His name, asking me to comfort me and accept me. I said,

“Jesus, be my refuge at this hour. I have been accused, insulted, and blamed, and judged wrong. Please will you come by me; I want to rest in your shadow. I know there is peace and comfort only through you.”

As I finished praying, I could feel the Lord’s love surround me, His arms around me, and His gentle embrace. I have no words to describe that healing. It was His assurance that He is always there for me, and that He has gone through similar hurts, and that He understands. Oh, what a comfort and peace I received. The Lord granted me a peaceful sleep, and I slept as I kept whispering: Lord, thy will be done.

God the Father loves us so much. There is no doubt about that. Jesus, our Lord understands and receives us. The loving Holy Spirit comforts us however bad the situation is. I praise God for His love and attention towards me.

All glory, honor, power, and praise to His matchless name, AMEN.

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