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Two Years Ago Today…

I was looking for inspiration to write about how I survived the most fatal accident in my life 2 years ago today.

I was eight months pregnant when a mini van reversed in to me. I was trapped underneath for a minute and the mini van had to drive over me again to get me out.

All I could think of in that position moment was how I had to stay calm for the baby and calm till I got the right medical care. By the time calls were made and I was ferried to the hospital, I was surrounded by family and friends and then I just knew I needed to stay extra positive and calm for them as well as for my husband.

It was only after 2 hours that they got round to getting me to an ultrasound and the baby was fine that my husband broke down and I was so helpless that in that moment I couldn’t get up and comfort him.

My knee had a fracture and I therefore couldn’t get up but I was truly relieved that from the impact and the severity of the accident I only had a knee fracture and bruises.

The surgeons surg got round to operating on me 3 days after the accident. All the while I was in soo much pain.

Surgery morning came and I couldn’t wait to meet my son but I never got to see him that day cause of the amount of work done on me I only got to meet him the day after he was born.

Today as I reflect I can’t stop crying cause God spared me I have a handsome son who feels my heart with love, and joy. I get to experience all this cause he spared us and delivered us. My son’s name is Joshua and I pray everyday that I can raise him right.

Recovery was much harder than the actual accident and surgery. Cause I had a little one who needed my attention. I was on crutches for almost 8 months.

Today I woke up and realised everyone around me is just fine and has recovered and I never got a chance to just cry.

So this is my testimony God delivers, strengthens and comforts. His been with us through it all and I pray he will be with you till the end.

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