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Trust That The Vision Will Come To Pass

Hmm, where do I start from. I am grateful that God is a covenant keeping God. He made a promise with me in 2007, and the manifestation has to be testified. Even though I lost my dad in a very painful situation and had to move on with life.

Fast forward to 2013, I came to the United States with the help of my elder brother to study for my master’s program. He was my angel – he paid all my bills through masters school and ensured that I was comfortable on all sides. Before I completed my program, my boyfriend proposed – me and then we got married. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life, and without delay, God blessed us with a son who me we named Nathan “gift from God.”

Life went on and I was feeling blessed, but unknown to me the devil had a shameful moment planned out for me. One faithful day, I went to the store to shop with some friends and at checkout we discovered that the self checkout was faulty, then we decided to exploit the moment by shoplifting (I will forever regret my action on this day). We got caught and were arrested. My whole family my was disappointed yet supportive, as they spent a lot to bail me out and get a good lawyer. I was so scared of the future with this criminal act. I turned to God for forgiveness, I fasted and prayed because I was ashamed of my act. The God of mercy visited me and showed me mercy.

Fast forward to 2016. I graduated and moved to a bigger city to live with my brother and his family because my husband was still residing outside the country (I was a student under f1 status and not a US citizen). This was one of the most challenging periods in my life, because my sister-in-law made it clear that she didn’t want me around by frustrating my stay at the house.

She would spank my little boy of 12 months and even tell me not to cook in her house (this was the same lady who used to be my friend in school, and I introduced her to my brother and supported the relationship till they got married). I would cry myself to bed most times and ask God to please change my story and give me a good job. I would remind God of his vision to me in 2007. Most times all I got back was Ecclesiastes 3:1- 11. I kept my calm and was trusting that my time would come.

One day, my brother told me about a program where I could register to serve this great country in the Army and get citizenship. Without delay, I consulted with my husband who supported me and I went ahead with the plan. I signed up and got a shipment date for basic training, but as the devil would rare up his head again, my shipment date got cancelled and a new policy was implemented that we all had to get an extensive background check before we can go to training and receive citizenship.

This went on for another 2 years. During this delay period, I was detached from my son because I had already sent him to live with my mum in Africa believing that I would be going to army basic training. I took up a nanny job, made hair and wigs for people, all just to survive because I had no job. I was scared the arrest record would affect my background checks, despite that God told me it wouldn’t (my faith was dropping day by day).

But because our God is awesome, I got notification that I passed the background checks, and I also got a new shipment date for training. I was able to file my citizenship while I went on to train. The Lord gave me physical and emotional strength at the Army basic training, and I excelled in all I did despite my age (I went to training at the age of 35).

Today, I am a legal US citizen, serving this country. Looking back, I am glad I held on to the vision, and despite that it tarry, God kept me through it all and made me as living testimony.

Whatever God has promised you, believe that it will come to pass. Hallelujah to His holy name.

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