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Respect the Dreams of Others

Ever since we were young, our mother dreamt of having her own tailoring shop. over the years, i got tired of listening of her talking about her so-called shop until one day, our mother went home devastated because the secretary at her work manipulated and took a portion their already small wage.

I felt so much pity for my mom after that, and I felt like a nudge from GOD to not worry about her nearing 60 or to question her physical strength since dressmaking requires physical work, but that I should pray about her having a shop.

Weeks later, our mom and our two sisters opened their tailoring shop, and we are all praising the LORD JESUS CHRIST. GOD also taught me something and that I should respect other people’s dreams. Not that I am against other people but that in my mom’s case, she’s nearing 60 so I was against having a shop at first. Yet, GOD proves to me that I would never have to worry about that as our mother’s health has always been excellent.

As I ponder about this and saw how many years my mother waited to have a shop of her own, and how GOD has provided at a time that nobody expects, I am also encouraged more and being more hopeful that my dreams will also come true as long as I do not back down and so long that’s GOD’s will.

I am confident and in awe of GOD’s unconditional love. I know that HE is also happy when we use our full potential without being arrogant, and when we enjoy HIS blessings with thanksgiving in our hearts.

Thank you so much for reading my mother’s testimony and I am hoping that it will inspire you, and thanks also to the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO bestows us unconditional love and the gift of salvation.

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