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Pray Bold Prayers

This is a testimony of praying for others and fasting.

I am doing a 21-day Daniel fast because I am praying for a breakthrough for my exams. This is not the first time I fasted but I just want to share that every time I fast, God answers my prayers. Usually, when I fast I have 1 request that I really pray for but aside from that, I make a prayer list for other things I want God to answer too. So my testimony is about a prayer that wasn’t really the focus of my fast but God answered anyway.

I just started my fast on the 21st of Feb 2021. And God answered 1 of my prayers only a week after I started my fast. So my prayer was for a financial breakthrough for my friend.

A background about my friend. He is an architecture student in his 4th year. He studies in a Christian college and where I’m from, Christian schools are expensive. He is a part of a broken family. His father does not acknowledge him as his son. His mom was unemployed at that time and his grandparents who used to support him financially unfortunately got sick so they need to spend the money for medications. It was really rough for him at that time.

By the end of the semester (December 2020) he told me that he might not be able to go to school since he has no one to support him financially. I started praying for him that time and God answered my prayer. God gave his mom a job (This was before my fast). Weeks after his mom being employed, Her boss hired my friend as an architect since he needed one.

At this point it was already an answered prayer right?

My friend was able to have enough cash to have himself enrolled for the next semester (February). I remember him worrying about where to get money for his enrollment. And as God always does, he delivered my friend! But this wasn’t the big miracle the God made for him.

So after weeks of studying and working (it was possible since classes are done online because of the pandemic), I prayed for him because I know his salary won’t be enough to pay for his school so when I fasted I included him in my prayers. It has been a couple of days after this happened and I still can’t believe how faithful God is! So I prayed that God would help him clear his school fees for the whole semester before February ends.

I have heard somewhere that we should pray bold prayers so that God’s name would be exalted even more. So I made God a deadline, hehe. So every time I pray, I would always pray for my friend.

And true enough, as faithful as God has always been… A week after I started my fast, just right after church service ended, my friend messaged me.

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