Praying man and hands

The Whole Tithe

After moving back to the US after living abroad for 16 years, and initially living comfortably. About a year or so ago unbeknownst to me God began to show me how I was living much like the rich fool in Luke 12. Not being a good steward and trusting God. Over the past few years, I’d been more focused on business and how I could get ahead and store up wealth for me and my family…

Long story short, God allowed me to go through several unforeseen financial challenges. I was caught off guard and couldn’t plan or strategize my way out of the hole I found myself in.

I reached out to several men in my life for prayer and guidance, and one simply asked me

“Man… Are you tithing?”

A simple yet powerful question that shook me to my core. I hadn’t been concerned about what God wanted to build, and had selfishly not been giving…

From there the journey began, and I’ve been trying to press into God, understanding that I have nothing. It is all His, and I’m simply called to be a steward. This month marks a year since I’ve gone to God with the whole tithe and have listened to Him and have tried to be a blessing to people whenever I can.

It has been a huge test of faith and we have been put in several rough situations, but I am learning to look at tests with joy as James writes and be content in all situations as Paul instructs.

Please pray that I continue to trust God and believe that He is faithful, and that He will take care of all of our needs.

Thank you

God bless you!

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