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The Power of Prayer. Driver’s License Test

This is a testimony of how I experienced the power of prayer and the presence of God in my life and when I needed him so much.

For many, this would be a routine experience and one where you could rely on your personal expertise and experience, but not for me.

I was training to get my driver’s license for a while and was unsuccessful twice. I would just get so nervous that I could not think right, it was like brain freeze.

But this time I took an appointment for a day after my birthday, because I felt if I would not make it this time too and would ruin my birthday. Of course, I ruined it anyways and many days before that too, due to all the anxiety and the pressure of passing my test.

For almost 2 -3 weeks before my test, I constantly prayed the rosary and the Divine Mercy prayer, which I strongly believe in even if not in a crisis. In my personal prayer I always asked the Lord to help me get my license this time and it would be his birthday gift to me. Considering all the pressure I had from family and friends, it was more like a do or die situation.

Finally, the day arrived, I was nervous as always, but this time I had a bit of confidence with all the prayers and knowing and believing already that this time I would get through. The initial assessment went through very smoothly and at every traffic light I stopped, I kept repeating the Divine Mercy prayer time and time again.

I am sure the nervousness was completely visible on my face, but I had a much clear head now. After driving for a while, we finally approached the traffic department, and I just could not believe I actually made it back by myself. During both my earlier attempts, I drove off and the instructor drove back!

Finally, when we were back in the parking zone, the examiner asked me to park and come into the office and my heart was pounding, not knowing what the result would be. But my instructor had already started congratulating me and when I went into the office the examiner congratulated me too and my heart was leaping for joy and I knew that if it was not for God’s intervention, I would never have made it.

Praise God!!!


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