Student, thankful to Jesus

I Am Getting Stronger and Healing Daily after Losing my Father

I just wanted to say how good God is. I woke up one morning for school I was 17 years old and found my father dead on the couch. This was so unexpected. He had heart problems and then caught covid.

And then I had to move away from my mom and moved into another family’s house to finish out my senior year of high school. Graduation, senior events, and prom were very hard. But I have never felt closer to God then I do right now. I am getting stronger and healing more every day. I can now look at pictures of him and smile.

Even through the storm and the pain I stuck with God. Still went to church every week, still read my bible, still prayed. I never gave up and I think that is my testimony that God gave me the strength to tackle my grief so I can be happy again.

I am going to have an even bigger testimony to share but I really look back and think wow I wouldn’t have even done this without God. Just praise and trust him through the storm even when you don’t understand he will bring you out stronger God bless you all.


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