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God Healed Me From Herpes 1 and 2

Hello everyone,

I remember when I found testimony share, after touching the gutter, I was feeling lost, feeling dirty, feeling like my life was over. I reached to the point where I had second thoughts on having children in order not to “contaminate” them. But I promised myself that one day, I would be here writing my testimony on how I got healed.

I’m here to tell you guys that it is possible with God to heal from herpes with prayers. You can’t put in your mind that you believe in God with all your heart but yet put limits on him. There’s an incoherence. So to all people reading this right now: GOD’S POWER IS LIMITLESS.

During my healing process, I promised God that I wouldn’t hold this victory to myself, and that’s the purpose of life. God brings certain people to victory in order for them to help others reach that victory as well. And the circle only gets bigger and bigger.

Here I am today, ready to reveal how to ask God to favor you, how to ask Him for healing, how to make Him chose you in order to help others. There’s one bible verse that helped me, and even after being healed, I keep on saying it as often as possible:

“He was wounded for our transgressions, and by His stripes we are healed” –Isaiah 53:5

As you analyze this sentence, you can see that the verb is in the present, so brothers and sisters even if right now as you’re reading this, you may have an outbreak, or feeling pain wherever you may have herpes. You have to conquer your mind, you have to control your mind, and not let it be the other way around. Your mind is your friend, and not your enemy. Don’t let the Devil make you believe that God doesn’t want to see you happy, because he is a liar!

To continue the process, I would usually read that scripture every day. And there’s something very important that you have to set for yourself: a healing date. I decided to get healed on Easter day.

The funny part to this story is that, the day of Easter I got the worst pain ever on my genitals (I had genital herpes), and just to remind you that the Devil will never stop tempting you, will never stop making you feel that you are a failure, will never stop lying. But you have to believe that all of this is false.

You are the children of the most High God. So yes, I was feeling bad, sad, and had some doubts, but I decided not to stay down, because I didn’t want to forget all the efforts that I did before this day, neither put a barrier before God.

I continued praying and praying, and as a saying usually say: “pray hardest when it’s hard to pray.” The joy will not be comparable to what you were feeling before.

Since April, I’ve never had an outbreak. And guys, on the 16th of June, I decided that it was time to get tested, and without any surprises to what God had said to me: my test came back completely negative. I WAS HEALED. It was not due to my powers, but all the credits came back to God.

Even if medical research never proved that it’s a curable sickness, you can’t stay believing that you are doomed for life. You can’t think that your sex life is over, and worst part of it, you don’t want to ignore the symptoms in order to give your mate the risks of getting sick. My advice to you is to cast all demons’ cells out of your body in order to be free, pure and healed again.

I’m going to finish this testimony by saying that, I appreciated the favor God gave me, and I couldn’t stand there being silent, but at the same time, I wanted to “give” God something, in a way to tell Him thank you. So yes, I continued praying and stuff, but I wanted something bigger: so, I decided to become celibate. It’s the best solution ever, because you know that God will find the best person for you, and it’ll be much easier to find a soulmate if he respects your decision. I know that I didn’t save myself until marriage in the “flesh world” but trust me, God can make you pure once more.

I’m going to be there for any further questions, I’m going to be there to pray for you, and to give any advice if needed. God loves you all.


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