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Recovery from Hepatitis

I am a child of God; I pray I read Bible I love God I praise God but still somewhere I lack the obedience towards God. God warned me through verses but still I was unable to manage my deeds and I sinned against God. And I got sick. And I got disease in my body which is incurable and may harm my body gradually. I accepted my sins and asked forgiveness and a chance and healing in Jesus’ name.

I believed no medical science is greater than our mighty God and no name is enough to heal me other than Jesus’ name. I was shattered and depressed, and Jesus spoke to me through verse and told me that he will come and heal me. I believed this verse will come true one day.

After few months when I was about to undergo few routine tests, I don’t know why but I felt like having a test of the disease I was suffering from. Then the report came and what I saw was so surprising because the disease disappeared from my body and I was healed. I remembered the verse which came to me about my healing, and I realized the verse came true.

Jesus Christ healed and forgave my sins.

Now it’s a new start for me as God has taken my body out of pit and now, I submit my whole life to God who healed me and given me testimony and a new chance and a new beginning. Really, it’s a pleasure being a God’s obedient child.

Praise God.


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