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Sharing Some Miracles

Praise The Lord! I want to share some miracles that Jesus did for me. I hope my testimony will help you build your faith and trust in The Lord. Trust The Lord with all your heart, mind and soul.

Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” – John 11:40

Testimony 1: Jesus Heals You Immediately
Suddenly, on the night of July 13th, I got sick. The temperature was around 38 degrees. I had a high fever. My body started to shiver and eventually began to heat up. That night, I prayed that Jesus please heal me, for only you can heal me. I kept saying Jesus’ name and said the Apostles Creed a few times before I fell asleep. The next day morning, I was completely normal! I checked the temperature, and it was normal. Usually, my fever stays for a week or two, but in one night, Jesus healed me.

Testimony 2: Whatever you may face, Jesus will help you excel in your studies.
On July 22nd, my CBSE 10th board exam results came. Before the results, every day, I kept praying to God for victory in my results. I was very nervous. But I knew that The Lord would do a miracle. I started to fill in my details on the CBSE website with faith. The Lord did perform a miracle! The Lord granted me 91% with excellent grades.

During that year, I faced a lot of family, financial and mental health problems. But Jesus promised me with his word in Isaiah 41:10. Whenever I sat to study, I kept a chair next to me for Jesus to sit with me. Before I study, I pray that Jesus, please sit with me and teach me all the concepts and help me to remember them. Before I left home, I used to read the exam success prayer before going to the exam centre. For each exam,

Before writing, I prayed that Jesus please sit with me during the exam. Please be my knowledge, mind, heart, hand, and pen while writing the exam, and then I said the Apostles Creed a few times. By God’s Grace, whatever he taught me came for my exam! I was delighted while writing the paper. While reading the question paper, I kept praising God. Everyone was happy with the results. It was all possible because of Jesus Christ alone.

Testimony 3: Even in the most unpredictable situations, Nothing is impossible for Jesus.
My brother fell sick the day before my Moral Science Exam. My family and I went to see the doctor that day. There was a lot to study for the exam, and each chapter had more than 25-50 pages. Moral science was an additional subject that we would study the day before the exam and spend the other days on the main subjects. I tried to learn in the clinic but was not able to. I started to get worried.

When we reached back home, it was around 11 p.m. My parents told me to sleep. I couldn’t sleep through that whole night. Immediately after getting on the school bus, I opened my book to study. I prayed, Jesus please help me and show me the questions coming in the exam. I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me to learn the important topics. Those topics which the Holy Spirit showed me came for the exam. I was so happy and kept praising Jesus while writing the exam. By God’s Grace, I scored 29/30 on that exam. Again, nothing is impossible for Jesus.

Testimony 4: Sometimes praying for a particular miracle for a long time, we lose hope and question whether it will happen. But put your trust in Jesus always, he will make it happen at the right time.
From 7th grade, I wished to become a house prefect (leader). I started to pray to God to fulfil this wish of mine. For 2-3 years, I had been applying for it but didn’t get a position. I was disheartened, but I never gave up. God motivated me with Joel 2:26, Jesus will never let his people be ashamed. I kept trying hard with prayer, and Jesus was helping me through it.

On September 14th, they declared the names, and my name was there, thanks to Jesus Christ. I didn’t expect this. I was delighted and started to Thank The Lord. On September 22nd, I received the badge. I was proud and happy that, The Lord fulfilled his promise, and I stood as a testimony for Jesus.


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