He Saved Me from False Accusation

I got the job offer that I was praying to receive. I really wanted this job and was very excited to receive the offer. As part of their due diligence, the organization runs an extensive background check. After running the check, they came back to tell me that they had found some unpleasant information in my background and shared the report with me. I was stunned because I knew I had never done what the report stated, and upon closer inspection I realized that the name on the report wasn’t even mine!

The person only had a name that was somewhat similar to mine, but even though I pointed this out, the background check company said that the information was furnished by the state and once it came up in the search, it was their duty to report it to my employer. So I had to open an official dispute and request further investigation to show that I was not that person. They asked me to provide various documentation to establish my identity and they in turn took the matter up with the state.

I am happy to report that God has vindicated me! The state (and background company and my employer) have accepted that I was not the person involved in that matter and have updated their records. The issue has been cleared up with the state and a new background check with my real information has been submitted to my employer and I have no problems with them. Thank you Jesus, for silencing the tongues that rose up against me, for striving against those who were fighting against me. I bless Your Holy Name. You are a good God!! Amen!


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