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Pregnancy Preserved via Prayer

Praise God, I am more than a conqueror, am much grateful to the God of my father bishop David Oyedepo for unavailing to me the mystery of fervent prayers.

Last week my wife started seeing fluid or rather water from the womb and experiencing a lot of pain in her waist and back. I decided to take her to the hospital whereby she was to undergo some tests and scanning but I was not able to raise the required amount. The doctor told me that, the situation is very critical and it’s an emergency.

I rebuked him.

I told him if the situation was critical my God would have provided the amount on time because God is always right early.

I had to go back with my wife so that we can look for money. Reaching home, a divine idea came to my mind that I should go to church for prayers day and night for 5 days and I did so. On the second day my, resident pastor instructed the church staff that I should never be found in the church praying night hours. I told him please, I am in a covenant with my God, and he allowed me to continue.

Again, on the fifth day when my breakthrough was around the corner, the devil realized it and wanted to stop it. My pastor again came up forcefully whereby he instructed the watchman to chase me out that night, but the watchman was also shocked because I have been sleeping at church praying. Since inception of our assembly all pastors who have been there have never been against prayers, but the watchman allowed me to continue with my prayers because that was my last day.

I continued with my prayers and on the seventh day my wife went back to the hospital with part of amount enough for scanning only. When she was taken for scanning, they released that the uterus was open ready for miscarriage, but the uterus had miraculously closed the flow of water from the womb and the pain had stopped.

The doctor in charge was amazed and called for other doctors to come and witness what happened to her. They asked her if she had been using herbal drugs. She told them; God had answered her prayers. God has done it and now we don’t experience a sleepless night. To God alone be all the glory.

Emmanuel Otucho (Kenya)


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