Personal Storm

Recommitting after a Personal Storm

I experienced a personal storm in 2019 that caused me to stop.

Before I started my relationship with Jesus Christ, I was struggling with depression, self-doubt, and pornography addiction since high school. It got to the point where suicidal thoughts, the idea of disappearing, and a trouble in 2019 almost destroyed me.

Then in 2020, COVID-19 pandemic happened. I then watched Greg Laurie‘s Harvest at Home services on March 2020. I listened to the service and at the end, I recommitted my life to Christ.

I was lost since elementary school and now I am found in 2020.

Since then, my faith has grown through storms of life, challenges, devotions, and prayer life.

One year later and ongoing, I pray everyday for anything, use YouVersion app for growing wisdom and knowledge, and attending online church service of Greg Laurie that grew my faith better than before. It has also helped me to surround my habitual sin to Jesus and provided strength to overcome this temptation.

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