People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Hell Experience

In 2014 I believe I went to hell, I came from a broken family, had a lot of trouble growing up in high school and never really fit in I till I left high school, I left high school depressed and alone. Suicidal I decided to change my life and move out of my home with my father and move in with my grandmother who is a Christian, back home I faced a lot of changes and faced the same people who bullied me for years, but I made a promise and stood up for myself. This changed a lot and gave me a lot of confidence.

I then started boxing and got myself in tremendous shape chasing my dream, until it all feel apart, I started to lose and got frustrated and angry. I found a job in a nightclub. I was 18 years old. I was never really social so this gave me a bit social life I never had before.

While going out I made friends with a close friend, and me and him both worked in the club together, for a year. I had the time of my life, everything, women, I was living a sexual fantasy, but it suddenly ended! My friend left and I soonly after, contemplating what to do nextm I heard a voice, telling me to rape someone close to me. Lost and confused the voice got darker and darker, this went on for 5 months, I decided to go back to the club life as it was something I felt would help keep my mind off things.

It didn’t.

It got worse and I then decided to use an escort to ease the voices. That didn’t work, I was suicidal and on the verge of ending my life, I just started college at this time and didn’t tell anyone what I was going through. It all suddenly got worse while I was in college and completely decided to step away from the club scene for a while.

I then began having nightmares in October 2014, I believe I went to hell, I remember a great sense of fear, just terror and strong strength and just burning. I remember faintly hearing laughing from a distance then I saw him. He had a big red face, yellow eyes, and dark horns on his head he was huge. I was terrified. I then remember arguing with him, saying I’m not dead yet, and thinking if this is real then God is real so I still have hope. I then saw a light in my nightmare. I ran to it. It was a girl from the college course who I fell in love with. I literally went from escorts to being in love and together with a girl who was very wealthy and had had family who owned a 20 million pound business.

My life turned around.

I then 1 year later lost it all, back in the same boat heartbroken in bits. I completely forgot about the dreams until they began again, I started to pray to god, he answered. I asked him for help. He answered in a dream. I then work up to a text. The second I opened my eyes. It said my passport will arrive in 2 days. I then picked up the Bible to the book of JOB, a man who had lost everything and because of his face got double back for trusting God. That spoke to me because my name is Jamie O’Brien, my initials are JOB.