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Jesus Saved my Child. Born Again with My Jessiel

Hello Everyone,

Praise to the lord, I’m Jenifer from India. I prayed to Jesus to become pregnant. Jesus answered my prayer. I got conceived in august. From that moment Jesus wonderfully saved me and my little one many times. When my spouse and I confirmed that I conceived in September, we went to shop, while returning our bike skidded. Jesus saved me wonderfully in that I managed to move away from the bike and get balanced. This is the first miracle lord did in my life.

After that in fifth month scanning, I had bleeding, so that I admitted in the hospital. During treatment they gave medication to stop bleeding through injection. From that day I suffered from lot of pain, after three days I got an abscess in the hip where the injection is given. The infection spread severely, so the doctors did an I&D procedure and left it as an open wound. The operation was done with the caution that there are high chances of abortion and external hemorrhage.

I prayed to Jesus to save my child. Jesus saved my child. I thank lord for his mercy and love on us.


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