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Holy Spirit Touches me During Worship

Hi,my name is Melissa,
I’m seventeen and my testimony is a short one but its big to me and powerful to me. I was in service last sunday and the worship team started to play “shekinah glory come” ( a few months ago my mom received the gift of tongues and one day we started praying and I felt God put in my heart to tell my mom that he loved her and that she was going to receive an new tongue, suddenly she started to speak in a new tongue I was amazed, I was so happy that God gave me such a great message to give to my mom.) My mom was right next to me during worship, for no particular reason I glanced at her, and I felt God put in my heart to tell her that she was going to have a new tongue. I was confused I did’nt really know If it was me thinking it or if it was God putting this in my heart, so I asked God for confirmation and I felt It was him but I still was having doubts, so I waited for the right moment to tell my mom during worship, and right when I was in the middle of telling her the holy spirit fell upon me and I started to cry. I had no Idea that was going to happen , but right there and then I knew that that was the confirmation I had been asking God for!

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